A Disciplined Approach to Negotiating SaaS Subscription Contracts
Build a Playbook by Organizing Contract Terms into 6 Critical Sections
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Navigating the world of SaaS contracts can be challenging. Technology contracts often contain a spider-web of commercial, technical and legal terms and conditions, and the vendors have sophisticated sales organizations. Because some, if not most cloud software are mission-critical, securing the best possible deal for your organization is crucial.

To help you increase your probabilities of success, we wrote this guide – A Disciplined Approach to Negotiating SaaS Subscription Contracts – based on the 100-plus technology contracts we’ve negotiated over the past two years. Treat this guide as a starting point to building a cohesive negotiations strategy.

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What you’ll get:
  • Get an overview of the differences between SaaS and on-premise software
  • Get a primer on the key documents that make up a SaaS subscription agreement
  • Learn about a framework to systematically analyze contracts by organizing pages of legalese into six critical categories to help you assess risk, rights and obligations
  • Get a clear roadmap for building and executing a proven negotiations playbook 

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