The 8 Dimensions
of Vendor Fit 
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 Choosing the right technology vendor is a balancing act, and one that is critical to the success of your ERP implementation project. The wrong choice can lead to disastrous consequences such as business disruption or even implementation failure. This is why the selection process begins even before you speak to vendors.

To help you establish your criteria for vendor selection, we wrote this guide – The 8 Dimensions of Vendor Fit – based on Pemeco’s 40+ years of experience in delivering successful projects. This guide explains each of the 8 Dimensions that you need to consider in your vendor selection process.

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What you’ll get:

  • Discover the 8 Dimensions of Vendor Fit and how to balance them
  • Learn how a simple Right-Fit Quadrant helps you uncover the strengths and weaknesses of each vendor
  • Learn how to use your business and technology requirements as the foundation of your vendor selection
  • Learn how to include the 8 Dimensions of Vendor Fit into your Requests for Proposal
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