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FusionIS Uses Pemeco’s Milestone Deliverables to Drive Successful Implementation at Johannesburg Metrobus

Fusion Information Systems (FusionIS) – an award winning Platinum Oracle partner – managed the implementation project using Pemeco’s Milestone Deliverables ERP implementation methodology. Metrobus’ IT manager told Oracle that this implementation was the best managed implementation project he had been involved with in over 30 years at Metrobus.

Trevor Allman, the President and CEO of FusionIS, described the project’s success using data migration and cut-over metrics. He said that “the stock cutover from the old system to Oracle was 100% accurate”. He also advised that “no items were lost and the item costs were transferred with 100% accuracy”.

The implementation project was complex. It involved extensive data migration from an un-integrated legacy system. It also placed heavy demands on training and change management requirements. Finally, project governance was a critical success factor, particularly given Metrobus’ status as a public sector organization.

Mr. Allman credited Pemeco’s Milestone Deliverables ERP implementation methodology as being a key driver of success across all of these dimensions. Specifically, FusionIS relied on the project management methodology to:

  • Prepare a realistic and actionable project plan, including tasks, resource allocation and project governance
  • Prepare and execute an extensive data migration plan
  • Perform fulsome system testing according to Pemeco’s three-stage testing methodology
  • Prepare and execute a detailed organizational change management plan
  • Prepare and execute a detailed customizations and special projects plan
  • Prepare and execute an effective cut-over plan

Pemeco’s President, Peter Gross, said this about FusionIS’ project: “We’re thrilled that FusionIS’ experts used our methodology to drive a successful Oracle project. We think that our Milestone Deliverables methodology is most valuable to ERP project managers who understand the complexities of people, processes and technology. Our methodology gives them a crystal clear roadmap to navigate through this maze of complexity”.

For an upcoming Oracle implementation project, FusionIS intends to once again rely on Milestone Deliverables. This time, it will integrate it into Oracle’s Accelerate program.

For more information, contact:

  • Jonathan Gross, VP and Corporate Counsel at Pemeco, at [email protected] or 1(416)558-0076
  • Trevor Allman, President and CEO of FusionIS, at [email protected] or at +27 83 653 0007

About Pemeco Consulting

For 33 years, Pemeco Consulting has been helping its clients use IT and ERP to drive measurable business performance. Pemeco delivers enhanced efficiencies across value chains, organizational structures, processes and IT systems. Its recognition as a leader in ERP implementations is due to its unrivaled 100% implementation success rate. Through its proprietary “Milestone Deliverables” and “Milestone Deliverables: Rapid Implementation” ERP methodologies, Pemeco Consulting provides each of its clients with a customized, process-oriented, actionable and verifiable implementation road-map. Visit Pemeco Consulting’s website.

About Fusion Information Systems Pty Ltd.

Fusion Information Services is an Oracle business partner and value added reseller offering a full range of services on both the Oracle E-Business and JD Edwards ERP Systems. Services would include implementation projects, customisation and modification of the software, upgrades to the latest versions, training, and support and maintenance of the implemented systems. FusionIS was awarded the Top Performing Partner at the Oracle Accelerate EMEA CEO’c conference in Nice, France. Visit FusionIS’ website.

About Johannesburg Metropolitan Bus Service

Johannesburg Metrobus is wholly owned by the City of Johannesburg. It is also the second largest municipal bus operator in South Africa, with 532 buses covering 80 scheduled routes and 130 school routes. Metrobus transports about 90 000 passengers daily fulfilling its primary task – transporting commuters using a scheduled bus service. Visit Johannesburg Metrobus’ website.

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