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Digital Strategy,
Enterprise Architecture,
and Industry 4.0

Get an Actionable Digital Strategy that Delivers

Digital strategies abound. Omnichannel, Industry 4.0, subscription services, artificial intelligence, IoT, cloud, process automation, and blockchain are just a few examples. But which will give your company a competitive advantage and which will drive measurable business value?

We work with companies of all sizes and sophistication to plan and execute their digital transformation strategies – strategies that help them deliver personalized products and customer experiences, enhanced operational efficiencies, improved workforce utilization, differentiating intelligence, and new revenue streams.

Our Digital Transformation, Enterprise
Architecture, and Industry 4.0 Services

We develop a digital transformation strategy based on an internal analysis of your business' strategy, operations, and people, and an external analysis of key industry drivers, your competitors, and best-practices from other industries. Your digital strategy will be tightly mapped to your business strategy and supported by a clear ROI. 

The capacity for organizational change management is critical to your company's ability to successfully execute its digital transformation strategy. We start with an assessment of your organization's maturity. From there, we develop a tailored holistic program plan to implement changes to organizational structures and people, data and information architecture, business processes, and the technologies themselves.  

From program governance to implementation project management, we will lead every facet of your implementation to assure it’s successfully executed on-time, within budget, and according to defined performance and ROI metrics. 

We will perform periodic audits of organizational adoption, performance and benefits recovery, process optimization, and readiness for future project phases. 

Digital Transformation

Examples of Digital Programs

Examples of Digital Programs

We help clients architect and implement Industry 4.0 strategies to connect enterprise technologies with industrial automation technologies to support the efficient delivery of mass customization at scale, improved OEE, and new revenue streams. Common technologies include enterprise software (ERP and EAM), industrial control systems (MES, SCADA, DCS), IoT, cloud, AI, business intelligence, and robotics. 

We help distribution and e-commerce clients implement a truly unified customer experience for direct-to-consumer, e-commerce, and marketplace fulfillment models. We create an integrated enterprise architecture that supports the seamless flow of data and processes across critical front-office, back-office, and operational functions. Common technologies include ERP, e-commerce, WMS, EDI, pricing and trade promotion management, customer service management, and supply chain and operations planning software. 

We help companies design and implement after-sale service models to promote long-term customer relationships and increase lifetime customer value metrics. Most commonly, we help clients establish the processes and systems to deliver vendor warranty services, maintenance services (preventative and emergency), rental equipment, and depot repair. Common technologies include ERP, CRM, field services management, IoT, AI, and customer service management. 

Digital Programs

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